Rxm Reality is an electronic artist operating in Humboldt Park, Chicago. For the last four years he has crafted,
with arcane adroitness, music that takes influence from disparate sources to create a mind-bending mélange.
Mike Meegan, the person known as Rxm Reality, works primarily with samples and tossed out synths from the nineties.
Saad Market was recorded to cassette tape during delirious days and is reflected in the disjunct and disquieted, but
wide eyed sounds. The album's gritty aesthetic lends to a cohesive narrative for the expansive styles of songs.



Tiny Mix Tapes  Revisiting a world where a desktop computer was once a tool and is now an artifact is both a shocking
and a banal experience, and the track seems to capture this poetic grandness and sheer normalcy simultaneously.

RXM Reality Hannah's Song

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