In opal fields, you have to pierce through layers of rock to discover a gem. Opale’s first album, L'incandescent,
holds a single direction throughout the 35 minute duration and is graciously supported with a band of cold
and melancholic analog keyboards and soft, haunting voices. Nowhere to go and nothing to feel is the single
story sung in English, French, and Spanish. Through cities of light and the waking of lost spirits, Opale will take
you on a trip that may be your last.


Paris based Opale released their first EP under the name Playground on Stellar Kinematics in 2012. The album
included a collaboration with Ensemble Economique’s Brian Pyle. Since then, Sophia Hamadi and Rocio Ortiz
have recorded beautiful sounds within L'Incandescent and have toured throughout Europe, Canada and the USA.


No Fear Of Pop- "Opale is the Paris-based duo of Madrid native Rocío Ortiz and French artist Sophia Hamadi, whose
2012 debut EP as Playground turned quite a few heads with its eerie, transcendent synth soundscapes somewhere
between 80s cold wave tropes and latter day, drone-informed ambient psychedelia. The follow-on project taps
into the same undercurrents, again relying on reduced, clinical wave bass lines and glacial synth incursions."

Elle Magazine - "Opale-A female duo that has surprised the trendy electronics scene, exporting synthetic melodies
from Paris. The result is L'INCANDESCENT, an atmospheric album that is as elegant as it is evasive. The result takes
you to other worlds."


Sparkles and Wine - Official Music Video

Les Champs Magnétiques Video




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