I Love You

The back beat to the parties of Humboldt Park, Chicago is the infectious psych house songs of I Love You.
Justin Randel, the multi-instrumentalist known by the moniker I Love You, creates mesmerizing music on midi equipment.

I Love You, a name of free association, has proven to be free of genre, evolving in style while retaining
it's unique sound from album to album since the debut in 2009. Although the albums vary in style, the live shows
present the songs as a seamless remix that command the audience to the dance floor. I Love You has charted on
CMJ and received press from Tiny Mix Tapes, Magnet Magazine, Beyond Race, All Music Guide, Alarm Magazine, etc…
Justin Randel has toured throughout the U.S., China and Europe. Tour dates for October and November 2013
throughout Poland, the Baltic and the U.S. are soon to be announced.


Magenet Magazine - I Love You’s toe-tapping grooves, combined with untamed noise, will guarantee to make
any listener get out on the dance floor or just ingest a large pile of drugs.

Boston Hassle - This is the kind of persistent party music that subtlety infects even the most intractable ‘too-cool’
listener, gradually seizing their nervous system and transforming them into a devoted slave of the dancefloor,
ready for sacrifice.

Fensepost - It becomes clear that I Love You knows and lives fun. There’s a chaos in the music they make,
an unquestionable avant noise; but it’s backed by a consistency and an organization that assembles a makeshift
order like the Fibonacci sequence in nature. This is a band that builds upon structure and they’re not about
taking that order and fucking it up a bit. It’s a quality every single great experimental noise band possesses,
and it’s one that I Love You has mastered.

Pseudodoxia by I Love You


I Love You interview in Beijing, China with Niurenku 2012

I Love You @ Nitetrotter Fest 2012

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