GOSH! is the musical love child of Padraig Steadman, Claire Lambach, and Kyle Prenevost. Having crafted their noisy dream pop
sound in the Quad City area of Illinois/Iowa, the band released their self titled debut on Athletic Tapes and Guilt Ridden Pop.
After a year of touring, the band relocated to Chicago IL in the summer of 2016 and released their sophomore album, Gosh!.
The second album forwards their take on minimalist pop tropes while exploring the small town dread that consumed them
while residing in anywhere U.S.A.

To survive the oppressive smallness of the rural towns of Illinois is to find a love that is hopeful and big, an art
project amidst the clutter of minimum wage work and fatalistic resignation. To those who live it, the arc is immediately
recognizable. For the rest, hearing Gosh’s second album, "Cities on the Plain", is your surest bet at feeling the buoy
of fellowship in the crushing sea of Midwestern isolation. A minimalist pop album that stares as deeply into the abyss
of loneliness as it does into the heart of fraternal and romantic love.

Cities on the Plain by gosh!

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